Lecture at Biosemana

As complement to the awards at Jornada de Iniciação Científica and Congresso de Extensão, Luísa’s family and friends offer to the Student`s Academic the sponsorship of a Lecture during Biosemana.

Since 1996, BioSemana is the Academic Week entirely organized by undergraduated students of Biology of UFRJ, and gathers annually hundreds of highschool, undergraduated and graduated and  students to learn and discuss on relevant Biology topics. BioSemana schedule includes lectures, roundtables, workshops, videochats and mini-courses. Since 2008, BioSemana is the biggest annual event of the Health Sciences Center of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The Luísa Pinho Sartori Lecture will be given every year by a renouned professor or researcher, Brazilian or foreigner, in one out of three fields: Ecology and Conservationism, Alternative Energies and Actions for Human Development.

Lecture at Biosemana 2013

Lecture at Biosemana 2012

Lecture at Biosemana 2011

Lecture at Biosemana 2010


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