Motivation for the Prize

The Prize is sponsored by Luísa Pinho Sartori’s family and friends, and is a way to honor her memory. We wish to perpetuate her ideal for a better World, where Nature protection, respect to all lifeforms and the preservation of Biodiversity are fundamental pillars.

We believe that by providing financial recognition to students we will be contributing to foster and increment the efforts towards the development of knowledge in Biological Sciences.

We want to foster the development of knowledge in Biological Science, through public recognition and money awarding to the students of Biology Institute of Ferderal University of Rio de Janeiro who participate with projects in the events Jornada de Iniciação Científica (Scientific Initiation Journey) and Congresso de Extensão (Community Extension Congress).

The enhancement of this knowledge and its aplication through concrete actions for the preservation of the environment and Nature conservation will bring benefits for Society, in the form of better choices relative to the use and preservation of natural resources and improvement in the life quality of the people.

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