Awardees 2011

Awardees in category Research – Projects presented at XXXIII Jornada Giulio Massarani de Iniciação Científica, Artística e Cultural:

1st: Beatriz Macharet Camisão de Vasconcelos

Project: Diversity of Cicadellinae (Insecta: Cicadelidae) in the state of Amazonas: new records of the subfamily and description of new species of Oragua Melichar
Professor: Daniela Maeda Takiya

2nd: Guilherme de Rezende Dias

Project: Caracterization and relative frequencies of emission of different voices of Tijuca condita Snow 1980 at Serra dos Órgãos, Rio de Janeiro (Aves: Cotingidae)
Professor: Luiz Antônio Pedreira Gonzaga

3rd: Bruno Barros Althoff

Project: Reproductive aspects of Nannostomus trifasciatus Steindachner, 1876 (Lebiasinidae: Characiformes) in a tributary of Rio Negro (AM)
Professor: Érica Pellegrini Caramaschi

Honourable mention: Evelin Christine Fonseca de Souza

Project: Composition of Membracoidea (Insecta: Hemiptera) of  sub-bosque and dossel and description of three new species in a dry land in Central Amazon.

Professor: Daniela Maeda Takiya

Honourable mention: Alexandre Pedro Selvatti Ferreira Nunes

Project: Filogenetic relationships of great linneages Oscines and Suboscines (Aves: Passeriformes)
Professor: Cláudia Russo

Awardees in category Extension – Projects presented at 8th Congresso de Extensão da UFRJ:

1st: Julia Carneiro Rossi, Luisa Ázara Ramos, Isabel Ramalho Ortigão de Leoni and Fernanda Tubenchlak

Project: Rua da Muda Project: An environmental education and social mobilization experience.
Segundo Lugar: Pedro Henrique Boratto Campos Ayres

Project: Elaboration of educational material about fishes that live in Rio São Pedro (Bacia do Rio Macaé-RJ) and their preservation.
3rd: Jessyca Alexandre Ugolini

Project: Environmental education for basic education teachers: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives.

Honourable Mention: Raissa Dias Theberge, Nerivaldo Gomes Antas and Valéria Lima Marques de Sousa

Project: Environmental restoration and humanism at Serra da Misericórdia, Rio de Janeiro.

Honourable Mention: Ingrid Ferreira do Nascimento

Project: Educational Materials: Reformulation of a maquete and development of a memory game about the rocky coastal steeps.

Awards Commitee (Category Research)
Prof. Dr. Antonio Mateo Solé Cava – Dept. Genetics – IB
Prof. Dr. Fernando Fernandez – Dept. Ecology – IB
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Britto – National Museum
Prof. Dr. Cassia Mônica Sakuragui – Dept. Botanical IB
Prof. Dr. Paula de César Paiva – Dept.  Zoology – IB

Awards Commitee (Category Extension)

Prof. Dr. Rosana Conrado Lopes (Dept. Botanical – IB)

Prof. Dra. Blanche Mathé (Dept. Genetics – IB)

Prof. Dra. Lucia Paiva (Dept. Biochemistry – IQ)

Prof. Dr. Sérgio Potsch (Dept. Zoology – IB)

Prof. Dr. Margarete Valverde (Dept.Ecology – IB)

Prof. Dr. Margarete Valverde (Dept.Ecology – IB)

In 2011 the Luísa Pinho Sartori Prize has been sponsored by the GAIA company, represented by its president, Mr. Luiz Germano Bodanese.

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