Awardees 2010

Awardees at XXXII Jornada Giulio Massarani de Iniciação Científica, Artística e Cultural – Scientific Initiation Journey

Awards were given at October 15th 2010 by Fábio Jobim Sartori (Luísa’s father) and by Prof. Antonio Solé-Cava, Director of Biology Institute at UFRJ.

1st – Barbara Mascarenhas Morgado and Ethel Hentz Pinto dos Santos

Project – Biology and Ecology of two species of Platyphora (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Chrysomelinae) at Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos, RJ


2nd – Viviane Dib da Silva, Nicholas dos Anjos Cristiano Marino and Fernanda Dall’ara Azevedo

Project – Influence of Local and Regional Factors in the Structure of Zooplanctonic Communities Associated with Bromeliace

3rd – Ilan Ejzykowicz

Project – Study of ontogenetic variation in the scapula of Thrichomys pachyurus (Wagner, 1845) (Echimyidae, Rodentia)

Awardees at 7th Congresso de Extensão da UFRJ

1st – Marcia Vargas e Maira Saignori

Project – Introduction of Agroecology in the curriculum of Biology at UFRJ: a collective construction of students and professors

2nd – Danielle Vilela Souza da Costa, Hilton do Vale Ramalho, Ingrid Ferreira do Nascimento and Matheus Viana Franco Araújo

Project – Getting to know to preserve: an Education and Environmental Program for Teachers, Students and Profesionals of Education and Environmental Areas in the city of Macaé and surroundings -RJ state

3rd – Jessyca Alexandre Ugolini

Project – Environmental education for Basic Education Teachers: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

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